Terms and Conditions - obligations for parents and children attending ETW Blue Butterfly organized by travel agency Educational Travel Worldwide d.o.o., Gajeva 2a, 10 360 Zagreb Croatia, Europe, tourist agency IDK: HR -AB-01-081027354 VAT ID: HR 81056026568 (hereinafter: the “Educational Travel Worldwide.

1.Children ages 9-17 can participate in a ETW Camp programs. 

2.The well-being and safety of children is our main concern.

3. Upon booking, you agree that your child will: respect the property of others; respect and treat others as they wish to be treated; not use abusive or obscene language; and not be aggressive.

4. Parents agree to pay for property damage caused directly, or indirectly, as a result of negligent action of their child. 

5. Our staff reserves the right to remove any child that is disruptive from the camp due to misbehaviour or whose behaviour puts themselves or others at risk or who will not live within the rules and policies of the camp. Violators will be dismissed without refund

6. It is strictly prohibited from bringing or using all tobacco products, alcohol and drugs of any kind.

7. You agree that your child will have limited access and limited usage of: mobile phones, computers, tablets.

8. Information of activities is given in good faith. All arrangements and activities are subject to change depending on weather condition, programme schedule and other arrangements. ETW reserves the right to cancel, amend or alter activities accordingly in the event of unanticipated situations.

9. All your child's personal belongings are their own responsibility. We recommend not to bring expensive and treasured items to the camp.

10.I give permission for ETW staff member to seek emergency care for my child in the case of my absence or when I cannot be reached.

11. By accepting this Terms and Conditions, parent confirms his/her acceptance that his/her child may be pictured/photographed and that such material can be used by ETW and/or it’s business partners for promotion or marketing. 

All payments are made in Croatian currency.