Čvrsto vjerujemo da profesori mogu potpuno promijeniti način na koji djeca shvaćaju i utvrđuju gradivo. Stoga, Blue Butterfly nastoji pružiti najboje moguće iskustvo uz najbolje profesore!


Hey, I am Mina. I am an experienced teacher with a master’s degree in child psychology and special education. I love teaching English and I want to make my students enjoy every single moment in class. I have been learning Spanish for the past year and I enjoy watching Spanish movies. Besides teaching and learning other languages, I love traveling and meeting people from all walks of life!



Hi, I’m Angie, an experienced EFL teacher with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology. I love teaching and my classes include lots of speaking and fun activities that aim to make students feel more confident and fluent. Besides teaching, I love learning foreign languages, reading books, exercising, traveling, and meeting people from all over the world. Looking forward to seeing you!


I am Elementary school teacher from New York City. My mission in life is to use art as a tool for success and a way to build confidence towards achieving goals. Growing up and living in a city like New York, I’ve been groomed to be a “go getter” and to be fearless. 



I am a teacher from Miami. I love utilizing my teaching experience and skills to promote ESL and provide my students with the confidence and tools they need in order progress quickly and efficiently. I enjoy expanding my knowledge both fundamentally and culturally as well as doing yoga reading, running and spending time with my family.


I am an english teacher from Wisconsin and I love to teach English as a second language to learners of all backgrounds while improving my own teaching skills and methods. I enjoy cooking, reading, expressing myself through art and music, and spending time with my friends and family. I have an affinity for travel and love experiencing new sights and cultures.



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